Artwork by David Luraschi (yes, my brother!), discover his work here.

The gist of me

The mosaic of my life includes selling luxury handbags on London's Sloane Street while writing philosophical dissertations at the Sorbonne; being French in America and American in France, and neither nor in England; leading business transformation projects for the C-suite, while sitting at the bedside as a contemplative caregiver; writing business plans while backpacking on a solo pilgrimage in India; managing a global learning and development team across three continents, while sitting long meditation retreats in the Scottish highlands... 

I have been incredibly fortunate and unfortunate. I have suffered devastating losses and known unimaginable bliss. All along I have had incredible coaches and teachers who stood in my corner as I contemplated this paradoxical ball of yarn and undertook the work of knitting my life together and then onward, embracing the unknown and beauty of it all.

My expression of gratitude to them is to be of service to others.


Having moved through the world living in different countries and leading parallel lives in business as well as in contemplative pursuits, I am particularly skilled at working with people trying to integrate apparent disparate aspects of their lives, making sense of complex identities, or seeking deeper alignment between their livelihood and values.