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a six week summer series
Tuesday evenings 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
July 26th - August 30th 2016


You know how big love is? Love is big. Love can hold anger; love can even hold hatred. 
- Alice Walker

The lojong teachings come to us from to us from Tibet and have been treasured and contemplated by Buddhists of many traditions for generations. Their origin is debated by scholars, but it is widely believed that they were brought to Tibet when the Indian yogi Atisha Dipankara traveled there in the 11th century at the invitation of Tibetan rulers. Passed along from teacher to disciple, they were eventually written down in the 12th century by Chekawa as a series of aphorisms. In the nineteenth century, Jamgön Kongtrül the Great wrote a concise commentary that has become one of the primary sources for their study in our contemporary era. 

Provocative, pithy, mysterious and at times quite humorous -- these 59 aphorisms have the power to stop us in our tracks, directly challenge the deluded mind and crack open the defended heart. These fiercely compassionate slogans invite us to see ourselves, others and the world in a radically different way...  and to surrender to Love -- a "Big Love" of bottomless depth that we might not have imagined ourselves capable of.

A longtime favorite within the Triratna Buddhist Community, we will draw upon the wisdom of the Seven-Point Mind Training with the context of our System of Practice. We will contemplate the slogans as they relate to our 21st century reality, putting them into practice and allowing them to reveal themselves in our daily lives, in the ordinary and the extraordinary.

This six week contemplation of the Seven Point Mind Training will be supported by a focus on a tonglen-inspired approach to the metta-bhavana (loving-kindlness meditation). Tonglen, a transformative practice of offering and receiving in meditation, is closely connected to the lojong tradition.

To listen to a series of talks on The Seven Point Mind Training by Dhammadina, click here.
To read a contemporary translation of the 59 slogans, click here.

Tuesday evenings 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
July 26th - August 30th 2016

Triratna NYC Friends' Night 
Tournesol Wellness Center
26 East 36th Street
(between Park and Madison)



6:15 - 6:30 pm Welcome
6:30 - 7:10 pm Meditation
7:10 - 7:20 pm Break
7:20 - 8:30 pm Dharma Topic and discussion

Drop in for all or part of the series
Free - Suggested Donation $20

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