So how does this work?


I work with clients for a minimum of 2 months, after which we continue month to month based on their needs. If you are looking for real change, 2 months is low-balling what it might take to achieve your goals, but it is enough to start seeing results.

We usually schedule sessions every two weeks, which make for enough time to integrate each session, and be held accountable for whatever you might be working on in between sessions.

Session Logistics

Sessions are typically 60 minutes, and over the phone or Skype. Discovery sessions, which happen at the beginning of our work together are 90 minutes.

Depending on the schedule I can also meet people in person in Manhattan, with a modified fee structure due to the cost of renting a dedicated space with

I also have another full-time job, so I coach clients on week-day evenings or on the week-ends Standard Eastern Time. On occasion I can also accommodate early week-day mornings.

Cancellation Policy

I ask for a a 24 hour notice of cancellation, in which case I can fully refund your payment.


I work on the basis of a sliding scale and my average hourly fee is $100 over the phone. 

For a limited time, in relation to my certification process, I am offering a radically discounted fee. 

Learn more about that here.