It's not really about what "I" do,
it's about what we co-create.

Coaching is a creative partnership.

It is a collaboration that has the potential to propel dreams and aspirations into consciousness...
and into being.

Artwork by Joel Robison, discover his work here.

my approach

As a coach I support people faced with -- or yearning for -- significant transition or change in their lives, whatever that might be

Although we may chose a very particular topic of focus for coaching, my approach is to include all of you, and then some.

This means exploring values and needs and the workings of the mind - at times limiting, at times empowering. It means bringing into compassionate consciousness the full range of the emotional landscape and its physiology, as well the various social identities and innumerable facets and expressions of this unique being we call you.

Lastly, my work stems from the understanding that changes in careers, relationships, organizations, and communities require inner transformation as much as tangible visible actions. 

Having moved through the world living in different countries and leading parallel lives in the business as well as in contemplative pursuits, I am particularly skilled at working with people trying to integrate apparent disparate aspects of their lives, making sense of complex identities, or seeking deeper alignment between their livelihood and values. 

Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.
— Rumi

Important principles

  • I am not here to fix you. 
  • Surprise! Your don't need fixing.
  • In the words of Suzuki Roshi: "You are already perfect just the way you are, you just need a little work."
  • I have no advice to give, only questions to ask and mirrors to hold up. 
  • This is about you, not me.
  • You are doing the work, I am bearing witness and supporting you in your journey.
  • You have full agency: if something does not work for you, let me know and we will change gears.
@ Joel Robison, discover his work   here  .

@ Joel Robison, discover his work here.